De Buyer Lyonnaise Fry Pan
De Buyer Lyonnaise Fry Pan
De Buyer Lyonnaise Fry Pan
De Buyer Lyonnaise Fry Pan

De Buyer

Lyonnaise Fry Pan

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There's a reason you'll find these in almost every restaurant kitchen—they heat up fast, are easy to season to a non-stick finish, and the wide sloping sides make plating food a breeze. Unlike the Mineral B, the steel handle is not coated, so the pan can move directly from the stovetop to the oven for finishing. The Lyonnaise is also incredibly lightweight and easy to handle, making it perfect for tossing and flipping food in the pan. This is our go-to pan for camp cooking, as it excels at frying eggs and searing meat over a high flame. And at only 1.5 pounds for the smaller pan, it's super easy to carry with you anywhere. 

The pans get their blue tinge from a thermal treatment that oxidizes the surface and helps prevent corrosion. They need only a light seasoning of oil to get started. If treated right, the natural seasoning will build up over time creating a perfect non-stick surface without the dangerous chemicals used in teflon-like coatings. For advice on seasoning and maintaining your pan, check out our journal.

De Buyer has been producing professional-quality cookware in Le Val-d'Ajol, France since 1830. 

Made in France
Uncoated carbon steel, no additives
10 1/4" diameter at rim, 7 1/4" base, 9" handle
12 1/2" diameter at rim, 9 1/2" base, 10" long handle
Hand wash with a stiff brush and hot water, no soap