Garden Collection Candles
Garden Collection Candles
Garden Collection Candles

Le Feu de L'Eau

Garden Collection Candles

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In collaboration with Edible Gardens LA, artisanal candle makers Le Feu De L'Eau have crafted a collection of candles that captures the spirit and beauty of the garden and brings it into the home. Inspired by actual herbs and plants grown by Edible Gardens LA, every scent in the Garden Collection creates an authentic snapshot of intermingling blooms, citrus, and fresh green accords.

Each candle comes in a milk glass jar with a wooden lid that can double as a coaster. We love the natural scents of these candles and find them perfect for burning in the kitchen or dining room after a meal to clear the air.

AFRICAN BASIL — Earthy, slightly sweet, and euphoric, this fragrance blend marries the basil's distinctive camphor scent with citrus, green herbs, and rosewood.

CARDAMOM — This take on cardamom celebrates the fresh, green aroma of its leaves, which thrive in the shade. Notes of eucalyptus, orange, and parsley round out a soothing and deeply exotic scent.

Made in Los Angeles
Soy wax blend & natural fragrance, lead-free cotton wick, in a glass jar with white oak lid hand-milled in Maine
12 oz.
Approx. 65 hour burn time