Spring Menu

cheese plate

small bites

crudités tray ― $180 per tray, serves 18-20
local, seasonal vegetables / choice of dip: sesame bagna cauda, harissa carrot, romesco, beet hummus, eggplant hummus, cucumber yogurt

curated cheese plate ― $180 per tray, serves 18-20
3 cheeses / 3 meats / dried fruits / bub + grandma's bread

rosewater dates ― $24 per dozen, 3 dozen minimum
organic Bautista farm dates / rosewater / mint

zucchini pancakes ― $36 per dozen, 3 dozen minimum
choice of feta or mozzarella / mint + crème fraîche

mushroom crostini ― $36 per dozen, 3 dozen minimum
roasted mushrooms / cream / parsley

spanish tortilla ― 8" round, 8 wedges, $32 plain, $40 tuna
layered potato + onion omelette / rosemary olive oil / Italian tuna + thyme (optional)

yuzu kosho chicken salad lettuce wraps ― $42 per dozen, 3 dozen minimum
little gems / spicy yuzu mayo

saba batterazushi — $20 per 6 piece battera, 4 battera minimum
preserved wild mackerel pressed over sushi rice

yakitori ― $42 per dozen, 3 dozen minimum
free-range shiokoji chicken skewers

Jamaican curry beef patties ― $48 per dozen, 3 dozen minimum
Tenzo curry blend / puff pastry

crab cakes ― $52 per dozen, 3 dozen minimum
wild-caught blue crab / avocado crème fraîche

VEGETABLES // $6 per serving, 12 serving minimum

yuzu carrot salad
shredded carrots / yuzu vinaigrette / fresh herbs

sesame kale salad
raw black kale / radish / sesame shoyu dressing

salt and vinegar potato salad
Weiser farm fingerlings / dill / whole grain mustard

roasted cauliflower and carrot salad
toasted cumin / roasted garlic / sherry vinaigrette

simple green salad
radish / cucumber / choice of sesame ginger or buttermilk dressing

Japanese-style miso potato salad
carrots / pickled cucumber / miso mayonnaise

green couscous salad
whole grain couscous / cucumbers / avocado / feta / arugula

lentil salad
red cabbage / sungolds / sherry vinaigrette

roasted winter vegetable barley salad
Japanese sweet potatoes / parsnips / carrots / roasted garlic miso dressing

PROTEINS // priced per serving, 12 serving minimum

coconut red lentil curry ― $7 per serving
coconut oil / homemade curry powder / potatoes / fresh herbs

tsukune ― $8 per serving, 3 meatballs
free-range turkey meatball / tare glaze

vegan tsukune ― $8 per serving, 2 patties
buckwheat and chickpea patty / miso + ginger

Vietnamese chicken rice salad ― $9 per serving
jasmine rice / free-range chicken / cilantro / fried onions / lime fish sauce dressing

whole roasted chicken― $60, serves 4-6
yuzu kosho hot sauce

heirloom bean & mushroom cassoulet― $10 per serving
Rancho Gordo cassoulet beans / cremini / garlic bread crumbs (vegan)

pulled pork kakuni ― $10 per serving, 3 oz
pork shoulder braised in soy and ginger / cabbage pickled ginger slaw

oak charcoal grilled tri-tip ― $84, serves 6-10
grass-fed beef / chimichurri

slow-roasted Ora king salmon ― $200, serves 12-16
yuzu ponzu


gluten-free sesame miso cookies ― $24 per dozen, 3 dozen minimum

chocolate black sesame cookies ― $24 per dozen, 3 dozen minimum

roasted soybean snickerdoodles ― $24 per dozen, 3 dozen minimum

pineapple + molasses + lime zest ― $4 per serving, 12 serving minimum

almond cake + fresh berry parfait with whipped cream ― $8 per serving, 12 serving minimum


cold-brewed organic Canyon Coffee ― $50, 96 oz carafe

cold-brewed organic Japanese green tea ― $50, 96 oz carafe

rosemary lemonade ― $50, 96 oz carafe

fresh-squeezed orange juice ― $50, 96 oz carafe

San Pellegrino sparkling spring water ― $3 each

Crystal Geyser spring water ― $2 each


We use locally sourced vegetables, pasture-raised meat and eggs, and sustainable seafood. Our menus are seasonal and subject to change throughout the year depending on the availability of ingredients. If requested, we can also accommodate any dietary needs, such as gluten free, dairy free, vegan, or any food allergies.

Rates given on our catering menus are for drop-off catering only. Orders arrive in disposable trays and come with disposable serving utensils. We can provide compostable plates, utensils, cups, and napkins for an additional fee of $4/person. We can also replate the food onto your own serving dishes, or rent serving dishes for an additional fee. Our order minimum is $500. Crudités and cheese trays are available for individual purchase outside of that minimum.

If you’re interested in personal chef services or full-service catering, we can discuss menus and pricing tailored to your event. Please email us with details at catering@shoptenzo.com.

We offer delivery throughout the LA metro area. Delivery charges start at $20 and are based on distance from our location in Echo Park.

We require a 50% deposit of the total cost due 1 week before the event, with the balance due prior to delivery. We accept cash, check, or Venmo. We can also accept PayPal or credit card for an additional 3% processing fee.

We would love to be a part of your next gathering! Please email us at catering@shoptenzo.com with any questions or to place an order.