Enamel Sauce Pan
Enamel Sauce Pan
Enamel Sauce Pan


Enamel Sauce Pan

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The perfect-sized saucepan for a variety of cooking tasks, made from lightweight but durable enameled stainless steel that's totally non-reactive with food. And it looks beautiful sitting on your stove, great for small kitchens with limited storage.

Part of a collection that includes the milk pan, pot, and kettle.

Led by award-winning designer Makoto Koizumi, Kaico produces sleek functional enamel cookware for the modern kitchen.

Made in Japan
Designed by Makoto Koizumi
Enameled stainless steel with maple wood handles
74 oz. (2.2 L) capacity
7" x 3 1/2" with 6 3/4" handle
Hand wash only