Simple Sushi Workshop
Simple Sushi Workshop


Simple Sushi Workshop

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Join us Friday, May 24 to explore the simple, everyday world of temaki—hand roll sushi. Featuring the classic negitoro, with soft morsels of tuna spooned from the bone, as well as the modern LA-style blue crab roll and avocado and cucumber roll, we will demonstrate all the basics for making sushi at home, including how to make sushi rice, how to apply the rice to the nori, and how to prepare and assemble the fillings. We will also demo how to make batterazushi, the traditional sushi style of Kyoto, formed using a wooden press. We will then sit together to make and enjoy our hand rolls with chilled junmai daiginjo sake courtesy of Soto Sake.

Learn, make, and eat with us.  


May 24, 2019
7 PM

1709 N Kenmore Ave, Los Angeles 90027


Smoked Salmon Batterazushi
Negi Toro Hand Rolls
Blue Crab Sunomono Hand Rolls
Yuzu Snapper Sashimi Hand Rolls
Hiyashi Salad
Soto Sake