Titanium Tea Infuser
Titanium Tea Infuser
Titanium Tea Infuser
Titanium Tea Infuser

Keith Titanium

Titanium Tea Infuser

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This little egg-shaped tea infuser is perfect for brewing loose-leaf tea on the go, whether in the backcountry or at home. It comes with a carrying pouch and it's so lightweight, you won't even know it's in your bag.

Titanium is prized not only for its lightness, but also its strength. It's stronger than aluminum at approximately the same weight, but titanium is non-reactive and biocompatible, making it a much healthier choice for cooking.

Though originally designed for ultralight backpacking, titanium cookware is just as useful at home or on more casual trips. We've used ours for picnics, at the beach, and even in hotel rooms to prepare a simple homemade meal on the road.

Keith is a Chinese company specializing in titanium products for outdoor excursions. They carefully design and rigorously field test all of their pieces, and have been leaders and innovators in the field of titanium cookware.

Made in China
Pure titanium
2" x 1 1/2"
Holds about 1 heaping tbsp of loose-leaf tea
Weighs 14 g (3/8 oz)
Dishwasher safe