Tsukemono Workshop

Saturday, July 24th

Tsukemono Workshop

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Join us on the Tenzo patio as we share our favorite techniques for making traditional Japanese pickles, tsukemono, using the best of California's summer produce from local farms. We'll start with the classic shiozuke using kyuri (Japanese cucumber) and hakusai (napa cabbage). Then we'll create doko for misozuke and nukazuke, and explore how to use and maintain each of those pickling beds to have pickles ready whenever you'd like. As we make the pickles, we'll taste each style with Japanese rice. Everything we eat in this workshop will be vegan and gluten free.

Everyone will take home a jar of garlic misozuke as well as a prepared nukazuke bed ready for making more pickles. Class size will be limited to provide an intimate atmosphere and lots of participation opportunities.

Date : Saturday, July 24th
Time : 1-3 or 4-6 PM
Location : Tenzo Studio in Echo Park