Recipe : Easy No-Fuss Whipped Hummus

This is it, my most basic hummus recipe that I make all the time. As long as I have some chickpeas, I'm sure to have the rest of the ingredients on hand, and it takes less than 10 minutes to whip up. That really is the secret—time. That's all it takes to achieve a smooth, fluffy whipped texture that elevates a simple bean dip. No peeling the chickpeas, no secret ingredients or fancy equipment—just leave the food processor running longer than you probably think you should. You can use canned beans or home cooked, it really doesn't matter, but you'll want to adjust for texture and seasoning accordingly, as noted in the recipe.

To style it, I start with a mound of hummus in the middle of a shallow bowl or plate. Using the back of a spoon, spread the hummus out in a circular fashion, so that you start to get a swirl pattern. Once your swirl is looking good, dig the spoon a little deeper to create a little channel that runs about 270 degrees around the circle. Fill that channel with extra virgin olive oil, then garnish with the toppings of your choice—you can use a few reserved chickpeas, some chopped up pickles (we often use cornichons because we always have them), a dash of chili powder or flakes. If you'd like to see a video explanation of this, check out our story highlights on Instagram.

You can also build off of this base recipe to create flavored hummus. Drop a small roasted beet in for a bright pink, or a roasted red pepper & harissa for a spicy version, or even a handful of herbs for something fresher. Experiment, and let us know how it goes! Drop us a line at, or tag us on Instagram @shoptenzo.


Whipped Hummus

3 cups cooked chickpeas (about 2 cans)
3/4 cup tahini
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
3 cloves garlic
salt to taste

To your food processor, add the chickpeas, tahini, lemon, olive oil, and garlic. Put the lid on and pulse for about 30 seconds, until it all starts coming together. Remove the lid and give it a taste—add some salt here if needed (this will depend on how salty the chickpeas were to start, some cans are really salty, some are not). You also want to check the texture here—if it seems very thick, put the lid back on, turn it back on, and slowly drizzle in cold water until the processor starts moving faster and you achieve the right thickness. Once the seasoning and texture is sorted, turn the processor on and leave it running for 5 minutes. After that time, you should have a smooth and fluffy hummus that you can then use as a dip for vegetables, a spread for sandwiches, or whatever you want.