Spotlight : The Magewappa Bento

Nice wooden bentos are long overdue at Tenzo, so when Saehee went to Japan on a buying trip this Christmas, they were top of our list. For years now we’ve been making bentos for fairs, events, company lunches, as a major part of our catering work that we’ve forgotten to smell the roses and enjoy a simple homemade lunch of our own. The clean wood grain, tiered design, and simple bent-wood construction represent to me the height of bento elegance. You can pack a serious feast into one of these guys.

We started making bentos in the first place because we wanted to share the beauty of a homemade lunch, not only as a consumable product, but also as an extension of our home kitchen. There’s something incredibly satisfying about arranging yourself a nice box from fresh ingredients and taking it on a trip. We present these bentos as part of a larger series on continuing to eat well far from the comforts of home.

- Jeffrey

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