Ceramic Oroshi Grater
Ceramic Oroshi Grater


Ceramic Oroshi Grater

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This handmade oroshi grater is perfect for grating ginger, daikon, garlic, or zesting citrus. The irregular ceramic points are sharp enough to cut the long fibers of tough root vegetables and produce a fine grate, and the surrounding channel collects the juice so that it can be poured from the spout. The bottom features a silicone ring that keeps the grater from slipping as you grate in a circular motion. It's an indispensable tool in our kitchen.

Mujun is a collaboration between a team of young designers in Hyogo Prefecture and the traditional craftsmen of Motoshige, who have been hand-making suribachi since 1925. The designers of Mujun seek to update traditional crafts to cater to modern life, while maintaining their key elements and core values.

Made in Japan
Glazed ceramic with silicone bottom grip
6" wide, grating surface 3" wide
Hand wash only