Mineral B Griddle Pan
Mineral B Griddle Pan
Mineral B Griddle Pan
Mineral B Griddle Pan

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Mineral B Griddle Pan

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With its large aluminum handles that cool quickly, this rectangular pan is our go-to for cooking over fire, on the grill or at a campfire. Large enough to fit a whole fish or side of salmon, it excels at grilling small or delicate foods that might fall apart or through the grates if placed directly on the grill. It can also be used in the oven for roasting meats and vegetables, or for frying up pancakes or bacon in the morning.

Once the pan reaches temperatures over 300 degrees, the carbon steel activates the Maillard reaction, creating a caramelized crust and sealing in the moisture of the food. The simple, elegant design of the pan means it can move effortlessly from grill or oven to table.

Our favorite pans for cooking a wide variety of meat and vegetables, the De Buyer Mineral B line features thick carbon steel coated with organic beeswax, which protects the pan from oxidizing and helps begin the seasoning process. The more it's used, the better the pan gets. If treated right, the natural seasoning will build up over time creating a perfect non-stick surface without the dangerous chemicals used in teflon-like coatings. For advice on seasoning and maintaining your pan, check out our journal.

We offer a pre-seasoning service for an additional charge — please email us to inquire.

De Buyer has been producing professional-quality cookware in Le Val-d'Ajol, France since 1830. 

Made in France
Natural carbon steel coated with organic beeswax, no additives
Aluminum handles
15" long, 10 1/4" wide, 1" deep
Safe for grill, oven, and stovetop
Hand wash with hot water and a stiff brush, no soap
For use and care tips, click here