Organic Cotton Produce Bag
Organic Cotton Produce Bag
Organic Cotton Produce Bag


Organic Cotton Produce Bag

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Finally, a plastic-free produce storage solution that really works. Woven into a thick French terry, simply dampen your Vejibag and store your freshly washed produce in the fridge for a week or more. Unlike plastic bags that suffocate vegetables by trapping stale air and ethylene gas, Vejibags keep moisture-loving vegetables alive and crisp in a high humidity, breathable environment. Each bag is large enough to fit several bunches of produce.

Vejibags are made from 100% organic cotton grown by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Co-Op, and are hand-sewn by employee-owned Opportunity Threads in Morganton, NC. 

Grown & sewn in the USA
Sold individually or as a set of 3 (1 each size)
Standard : 11" x 12"
Large : 11" x 17"
Extra-Large : 14" x 17"
Machine wash & tumble dry