Reusable Food Wrap
Reusable Food Wrap
Reusable Food Wrap

Bee's Wrap

Reusable Food Wrap

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Bee’s Wrap is made with certified organic cotton that's coated with sustainably sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. The result? An easy, reusable, all-natural way to store food. Warm hands softens the wrap & creates the seal. Great for sandwiches, cheese, snacks, and bread.

Available in 2 options — a 3 pack of assorted sizes, and an extra large wrap for bread. See contents and dimensions below. Each pack sold individually.

Bee’s Wrap, a Certified B Corp, was founded in 2012 by Vermonter Sarah Kaeck. Bee’s Wrap started with a question: How could we eliminate plastics in our kitchen in favor of a healthier, more sustainable way to store our food?

Made in Vermont
Organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin
Washable, lasts up to 1 year, and fully biodegradable

Bread wrap includes 1 XL wrap (17" x 23") - perfect for a whole loaf of bread

Assorted 3 Pack includes:
1 x Small (7"x 8") - wrap half a lemon, avocado, or small snack
1 x Medium (10" x 11") - cover a bowl, or bundle fresh herbs and fruit
1 x Large (13" x 14") - wrap half a melon, fresh greens, bread, and cheese.