Our Holiday Gift Picks for 2021

Last year, Jeffrey and I (Jaimie) shared a selection of our favorite pieces that make great gifts for the holidays. We've introduced so many new pieces this year that we thought it would be nice again to highlight some of our favorites, items we've been using and loving all year, that we would be happy to give as gifts this holiday season. 

XL Sisal Tote — We haven’t gone anywhere without this tote this year, from the farmers market, to the beach, to camping trips all over California. It’s large enough to fit everything we need, folds down small to pack, and looks great on the wall hanging up at home.

Cloud Mug — We met Sammy and Christian of Lunch Time Ceramics when they attended one of our workshops this summer, and we hit it off and knew we wanted to work with them. I’d been looking for a wide, comfy to hold mug like this to replace an old broken favorite, and they really delivered. It’s quickly become our favorite mug at home — I drink my tea out of it in the morning, and Jeff eats ice cream out of it in the evening.

Wine Glass — These glasses have been a hit for us this year, and we can see why — they’re our favorites at home, too. The short stem and small size feels casual, while the fineness of the glass suggests effortless elegance.

Tsuchi Bowl — We’ve carried these simple serving bowls by Shoshi Watanabe for years now, and our current batch features such a lovely range of Shoshi's glaze styles, each one is totally unique. The size is great and the rustic clay outside and refined glazed inside goes with everything, so it’s an enduring classic on our dinner table.

Seasonal Produce Calendar — This is a repeat from last year’s list, but we can’t help it, this year’s calendar might be the prettiest Maria has ever painted. Let it brighten your kitchen and inspire you to eat seasonally all year.

Prospector Pan — Netherton Foundry was such a great discovery for us this year, and we’ve been using and loving this simple pan for so many tasks, from paella to roasted vegetables. We love that it looks great on the table, too, making one fewer serving piece to wash at the end of the night.

Ochazuke Kit — We first launched our Ochazuke mix last fall, and this year we added a vegan version made with shiitake and seaweed that’s just as umami-rich without the fish. It’s one of our favorite breakfasts or quick lunches — with leftover rice and a tin of sardines, it becomes such a delicious and satifying meal in the time it takes to boil water. We love to take it along when camping or traveling, too.

Hangiri — Carrying out rice to the table in a hinoki and copper hangiri makes such a statement at a dinner party, it never fails to impress. The wood perfumes the rice with a delicate pine fragrance, it’s a real feast for all the senses. A great unexpected gift for an Japanese food lover.

Buffalo Horn Serving Set — Another great artisanal find from England, the handcarved pieces from Abbeyhorn are simply exquisite. We particularly love these black buffalo horn servers. Often times serving sets are made quite large and dwarf the smaller dishes we make for just the two of us, or for a small dinner party. So we appreciate the size of this set, which fits the small gatherings we're more likely to have these days.