Ikari Candle Set
Ikari Candle Set

Takazawa Candle

Ikari Candle Set

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Made in the traditional Japanese style using komenuka wax from rice and washi paper wicks, which are designed to create a larger flame, this pair of larger candles is an elegant substitute for votives. They burn cleanly with no odor, making them ideal for setting the table, when you don't want other scents competing with the food.

Pairs beautifully with our Cast Iron Candle Stand in medium.

Takazawa has been making candles from natural, plant-based waxes in Nanao City, Japan, since 1892.

Set of 2 candles
Made in Japan
Komenuka (rice bran) wax with washi paper wick
Burn time: approx. 90 minutes per candle
4.25" tall