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This black clay Comal is a type of griddle used to cook tortillas, roast chilies and other vegetables, toast spices, and sear meats. The unique concave shape of the handmade Chamba Comal allows it to heat evenly during food preparation. It also makes a lovely serving platter for any kind of food. Pictured with our Tortilla Press Kit and Handwoven Tortilla Basket.

Chamba black clay cooking vessels are non-toxic and handmade using a traditional process that dates back centuries. Crafted by generations of families in the village of La Chamba, Colombia, these vessels are made of local micaceous clay that is mined from the banks of the Magdalena River. Each piece is stone-smoothed by hand and fired on-site to achieve the signature black finish, making each piece unique. Expect subtle variations in texture and finish due to the nature of the materials and the handmade quality.

Chamba ware is safe for heat, including the oven, grill, and gas stove. As with all natural materials, never shock the dish by moving it quickly from cold to hot, or vice versa. Warm it slowly over low heat to start, and never submerge a hot pan in water.

Made in Colombia
Unglazed black micaceous clay
Approx. 12" x 13"
Hand wash only